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Comments from viewers

"I enjoyed all the categories, my favorite being 'In The Field.'  I can only imagine there are many, many potential topics in each of the six categories. I believe anyone interested in birding would find them all educational, informative, interesting, and entertaining. There is enough variety to appeal to all levels of interest." —S.D.

"You all are so relaxed, accessible, and genuine that the videos work really well. It's obvious that it would be easy to be on a trip with you." —J.L.

"I'm amazed at the professional quality of everything presented here. It's obvious to me those responsible draw on multifaceted skill sets that go far beyond leading birding tours" —R.P.

Current Episode List (growing regularly)

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  • View our episode trailer here. The summer of 2020 marked an exciting moment in the northward expansion of White Ibis along the Atlantic Coast of the United States. This year, these pioneering wading birds nested in New Jersey for the first time ever, at the Ocean City Welcome Center near Cape May. Tom Johnson and Doug Gochfeld were on the scene to document the progress of this months-long nesting event, and conservationist Kashi Davis helped to provide context about the changing marsh island ecosystem of the Jersey Shore.

  • View our episode trailer here. In addition to birds, Chris Benesh is passionate about many other aspects of life on earth. In recent years, this energy has been channeled into learning more about scorpions - their identification, distribution, life histories, etc. In this video, Chris and scorpiologist Kari McWest discuss scorpion taxonomy and head out into the field to look for a localized species near Tucson, Arizona. Chris also tells us why scorpion hunting isn't really all that different from birding.

  • View our episode trailer here. Eared Quetzals are mysterious birds from northern Mexico, and this year, several nomadic individuals have arrived in the United States. In this edition of Bonus Birds, Chris Benesh chronicles the lovely pair of Quetzals that have taken up residence in the Chiricahua Mountains of Arizona (much to the delight of the birding world). If you find yourself captivated by these birds, stay tuned for upcoming OutBirding episodes from Bret Whitney and Micah Riegner as they take us to the homeland of Eared Quetzals and Thick-billed Parrots in the mountains of Chihuahua, Mexico.

  • View our episode trailer here. The wetlands and grasslands of the glacier-scarred northern Great Plains are home to a staggering abundance of wildlife in spring and summer. Doug Gochfeld and Tom Johnson visit North Dakota in late spring to spend time with the striking birdlife of this Prairie Potholes region, from Wilson's Phalaropes to Yellow-headed Blackbirds to LeConte's Sparrows. In addition, they explore the impacts humans have had on this changing landscape.

  • Over the years, we’ve led many fun birding tours to Brazil, from the Atlantic Forest to the Pantanal to the Amazon (and beyond!). Complementing the varied birding experiences across this huge nation, it’s long been tradition to sip on a caipirinha at the end of the day while reviewing our bird checklist. Marcelo Padua and Megan Edwards Crewe join us from Brazil and England to show us how to make this refreshing, iconic cocktail.

  • Sometimes, when it rains, it pours! We already featured Connecticut Warblers from the breeding grounds in our Boreal Forest episode, but this migrant in Cape May, New Jersey put on a jaw-dropping performance in September 2020, weeks after that Boreal Forest episode premiered on OutBirding. This bird was too cool NOT to show off, so here's another helping of Connecticut Warbler just for you. Tom Johnson shares a few tips for finding and identifying this impressive bird during fall migration.

  • Jesse Fagan shows us why he loves living and birding along the Pacific Coast in Lima, Peru. Watch all the way to the end for a special treat!
  • Kirtland’s Warbler is a rare songbird that only breeds in the Great Lakes region of the US and Canada and winters in the Bahamas. Tom Johnson and Doug Gochfeld head to Michigan and Wisconsin to get to know this loud warbler, and to explore the pine plantations that have helped to preserve the future for this species.
  • Southern Louisiana is home to incredible concentrations of waterbirds. Though the natural marshes and coastline of the state are fantastic for birds, human-created crawfish ponds also create very important, ephemeral waterbird habitat. Dan Lane takes us on a birding tour of crawfish country and shows us a diversity of wading birds here while teaching us about the interaction between birds and the crawfish.
  • It’s really no contest — the best night-birding in the Americas north of Mexico is clearly found in the US state of Arizona. Micah Riegner takes us around his home turf on a quest to show us a spectacular array of owls, including highly coveted Flammulated Owl and Northern Pygmy-Owl.
  • John Rowlett is one of the founders of Field Guides, and he helped to create and refine the world of birding tours in the 1970s and ’80s. He also happens to be a fine scholar and a darned nice guy. In Part 1, John talks about his early years birding in Texas with his sister Rose Ann and mentor Edgar Kincaid. Part 2 concludes with a discussion of John’s involvement in the seminal work The Bird Life of Texas.
  • After a long absence, California Condors once again soar above the colorful relief of Arizona’s Grand Canyon. John Coons and Dave Stejskal take us to Grand Canyon Village and the Navajo Bridge area in pursuit of these behemoth vultures, and John tells us the story of their history on the landscape with the help of Dr. Steve Emslie.
  • Every summer, the Field Guides staff gathers in Arizona for our annual business meeting. In August 2018, during our meeting in the Chiricahua Mountains, we enjoyed a spectacular Montezuma Quail sighting along Cave Creek. Bret Whitney shares the moments when we all converged to see the handsome quail, and we also get a peek behind the scenes at a fun-filled annual meeting.
  • Boreal forest covers a huge expanse of the North American continent in a belt stretching from Newfoundland to Alaska. This biome is hugely important for many breeding and migratory bird species, including some that birders everywhere lust over. Doug Gochfeld and Tom Johnson take us to the western Great Lakes region to spend time with Connecticut Warblers and Great Gray Owl, and they find some six-toed woodpeckers along the way, too!
  • Peter Burke once led birding tours for Field Guides and is also a field biologist and acclaimed bird artist. From Ontario, Canada, Peter joins Jesse Fagan for a conversation that ranges from New Guinea to Chile and from Kirtland’s Warblers to cassowaries!
  • On our Field Guides tours, we take a lot of care to prepare tasty and healthy field picnics. At lunchtime, this often allows our groups to relax and spend more time in the field. During a recent trip to North Dakota, Tom Johnson prepared a simple chicken curry on the camp stove, and Doug Gochfeld was on hand to film the kitchen exploits and sample the results. And the birding wasn’t bad either! Just a few miles away, Yellow Rails clicked from a prairie marsh, and back at camp, Northern Saw-whet Owl and Long-eared Owl called in the pines overhead.
  • Dave Stejskal unleashed his impressive birding skills in late May 2016 by discovering the first Pine Flycatcher ever found north of Mexico during a camping trip in the Santa Rita Mountains of Arizona. In this video, Dave re-visits Aliso Spring and tells Chris Benesh about the improbable circumstances of the big find AND the process of making this not-so-simple identification.
  • In addition to leading Field Guides tours, Bret Whitney and Dan Lane are ornithologists and research associates of the Louisiana State University Museum of Natural Science. In this multi-part series, Bret and Dan speak to Van Remsen at LSU on a subject that is a perennial favorite for birders — English common names. It’s great to hear this subject explored by ornithologists who are also inveterate birders.
  • Here at Field Guides, we are mad about birds — but we also have eyes for other aspects of the natural world. Plants, insects, and other critters captivate us along the way, and now there is a fantastic online tool that helps us identify and organize our sightings. Chris Benesh takes us on an exploration of iNaturalist to help us enhance our natural history learning and enjoyment.
  • Living far from major human population centers, prairie birds like Baird’s Sparrow and Sprague’s Pipit often don’t get the same attention and love as other North American songbirds. Tom Johnson and Doug Gochfeld head to western North Dakota during the breeding season to marvel at the wide-open spaces these birds call home, become acquainted with the rippling song of the sparrow, and gaze upward at the pipit’s astonishing flight display.
  • Tom Johnson stumbled across a fascinating and delicious Cauliflower Mushroom while birding in the forest near his home in Cape May, New Jersey. Join Tom as he shows how to harvest, clean, and cook this unusual woodland treat.
  • Joe Grosel leads many of our Field Guides tours in Southern Africa, but many birders haven’t had the pleasure of meeting Joe and birding with him in the field. Jesse Fagan helps to change that in this fun and wide-ranging interview. Come for leopards and hyenas, stay for the Pennant-winged Nightjar, and get to know Joe!
  • A large part of our Field Guides team lives in the very birdy US state of Arizona. Micah Riegner, John Coons, Chris Benesh, Dave Stejskal, and Rose Ann Rowlett take us around the state to a broad diversity of habitats as they show off the many species of woodpeckers that inhabit Arizona's deserts, canyons, plateaus, and mountain forests.

Coming Attractions

  • Thick-billed Parrots & Eared Quetzals in Mexico with Bret Whitney and Micah Riegner
  • The discovery of the Scarlet-banded Barbet in Peru with Dan Lane
  • Creating Bird Art with Dan Lane & Micah Riegner
  • Kingbird ID with Dave Stejskal & Chris Benesh
  • ...and many more!

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