New episode - Guatemala Adventure

Our newest episode of OutBirding is now available for subscribers - Guatemala Adventure with Jesse Fagan.

Jesse Fagan has traveled widely in pursuit of birds in Central America - after all, he wrote the Peterson Field Guide to Birds of Northern Central America with co-author Oliver Komar. In this episode, Jesse heads off with friends in pursuit of some of the most secretive birds of Guatemala: Ocellated Quail, Unspotted Saw-whet Owl, Bearded Screech-Owl, and that mythical unicorn, the Horned Guan. Come along and join in the adventure!

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New episode - Bolivia's spectacular Red-fronted Macaws

A new episode is available to subscribers: Bolivia's spectacular Red-fronted Macaws with Micah Riegner. 

On this episode we head to the dry, cactus-covered valleys of central Bolivia, home to the endangered and downright spectacular Red-fronted Macaw. Join Micah Riegner on a visit to the Reserva Frente Roja to learn about the breeding ecology and conservation of this sought-after Bolivian endemic. 

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New episode - Tales of the Two Topaza

A new episode of OutBirding is available for subscribers - Tales of the Two Topaza with Bret Whitney.

Despite being among the largest, loudest, and downright fanciest hummingbirds in all of South America, the two species in the genus Topaza—Crimson and Fiery Topaz—are remarkably poorly known.  In this episode of OutBirding, Bret Whitney takes us back to the central Amazon basin to learn more about the distributions of the two Topaza, what habitats are favored by these blackwater beauties (hint-hint), and what ID features to look for if you’re lucky enough to find them in the field.

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New episode - Meet the Motogypsy: an Interview with Janelle Kaz (Part II)

Jesse Fagan continues his conversation with Janelle Kaz, a.k.a Motogypsy. Part I was introduced here.

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New episode - Doug's Peep Show

We just published a new episode of OutBirding: Doug's Peep Show.

Doug Gochfeld reinforces his "Intro to Shorebirding" episode with this ID piece focused on the common-but-tricky small Calidris sandpipers. Doug walks us through the best ways to separate Least, Semipalmated, and Western sandpipers to help boost your confidence the next time you're among peeps in the field.

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New episode - Summer in Morelos, Mexico

A new episode of OutBirding is now available to subscribers.

Join Micah Riegner for some exciting summer birding in the small Mexican state of Morelos. Micah shows us Lesser Ground-Cuckoo, Black-chested Sparrow, White-naped Swift, Pileated Flycatcher, and more avian highlights of this beautiful area.

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New episode - Alaska ID: Brachyramphus Murrelets

A new episode of OutBirding is now available to subscribers: Alaska ID: Brachyramphus Murrelets with Tom Johnson.

The three species of Brachyramphus murrelets can be quite challenging to tell apart in the North Pacific waters they call home. In this Alaska-based episode of OutBirding, we take a close look at Marbled, Kittlitz's, and Long-billed murrelets with an eye toward identifying them on the water and in flight.

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New episode - Snow Leopards of the Himalaya


This episode trailer offers a teaser of our new episode: Snow Leopards of the Himalaya. 

On a new episode of OutBirding, Doug Gochfeld and friends head high into the Himalaya of northern India for a special natural history adventure. This time, Doug and the team are hot on the trail of one of the world's most beguiling big cats - the Snow Leopard. In recent years, local efforts in Ladakh, India have made it possible for visitors to have a chance to see Snow Leopards in their remote mountain homes. Success is by no means guaranteed, but with persistence and teamwork, Doug offers us a special glimpse into the lives of these remarkable cats and the people who seek them out.

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New episode - The Dancing Chickens: Sharp-tailed Grouse


Our 80th episode is now available online for subscribers.

We return to Colorado for Part II of our series on The Dancing Chickens, putting a spotlight on the lekking open-land grouse of North America. In this episode, Tom Johnson and Doug Gochfeld spend a morning at a boisterous Sharp-tailed Grouse lek. Watch along to see the very fancy dances of these unusual prairie-chickens and learn about their display sounds and biology.

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New episode - The White-naped Swifts of Cuernavaca, Mexico

Our 79th episode of OutBirding is now available to subscribers: The White-naped Swifts of Cuernavaca, Mexico with Micah Riegner.

White-naped Swifts, the largest of the New World swifts, inhabit the rugged mountains of West Mexico. Like many other swift species, their lives are closely tied to waterfalls where they roost and nest. In this episode, Micah Riegner takes us to a roost site in the middle of downtown Cuernavaca and awaits the evening arrival of these magnificent birds. 

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