New episodes - Conversation with a Scorpiologist (+ Eared Quetzal bonus!)


Watch this trailer for a taste of this week's OutBirding offerings:

Conversation with a Scorpiologist:

In addition to birds, Chris Benesh is passionate about many other aspects of life on earth. In recent years, this energy has been channeled into learning more about scorpions - their identification, distribution, life histories, etc. In this video, Chris and scorpiologist Kari McWest discuss scorpion taxonomy and head out into the field to look for a localized species near Tucson, Arizona. Chris also tells us why scorpion hunting isn't really all that different from birding.

Eared Quetzals visit Southeastern Arizona:

Eared Quetzals are mysterious birds from northern Mexico, and this year, several nomadic individuals have arrived in the United States. In this edition of Bonus Birds, Chris Benesh chronicles the lovely pair of Quetzals that have taken up residence in the Chiricahua Mountains of Arizona (much to the delight of the birding world).

If you find yourself captivated by these birds, stay tuned for upcoming OutBirding episodes from Bret Whitney and Micah Riegner as they take us to the homeland of Eared Quetzals and Thick-billed Parrots in the mountains of Chihuahua, Mexico.

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