New episode - Black Swifts in Winter

A new episode is available to subscribers: Black Swifts in Winter.
On this episode of OutBirding with Field Guides, Bret Whitney retraces the discovery of the mysterious wintering grounds of the Black Swift, from their nesting areas in the Colorado Rockies to deep in the heart of South America. We’ll visit with some of the researchers who designed the landmark geolocator study that finally revealed the winter whereabouts of these fantastic birds.  It was on a boat-based Field Guides tour in central Amazonia that Bret and the tour group corroborated the Colorado geolocator data with real-time video, documenting the physical presence of Black Swifts wintering in Amazonian Brazil.
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New episode - Audio Recording Storytelling


We just published a new episode of OutBirding: Audio Recording Storytelling. Here's a short trailer that might give you an idea of the episode (actually, maybe not this time!).

For this episode of OutBirding, we draw on our collective Field Guides history of field audio recording to bring you some stories and unusual bird sounds from around the world. Doug Gochfeld, Jesse Fagan, Micah Riegner, Dan Lane, Tom Johnson, and Bret Whitney each picked out an interesting recording from their respective audio libraries to share here, along with a bit of back story. Tune in for this collaborative storytelling episode!

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New episode - Quest for the Dwarf Marmoset: A Journey on the Rio Aripuanã


Please enjoy a first look at our new episode from OutBirding with Field Guides.

Quest for the Dwarf Marmoset: A Journey on the Rio Aripuanã

How would you like to make a quick, adventurous trip into a remote place in the central Amazon basin?  That’s exactly what OutBirding has in store for this week, as Micah Riegner takes us to the beautiful Rio Aripuanã in search of one of the most range-restricted primates on the planet — the tiny Dwarf Marmoset (Callibella humilis).  This highly distinctive little beast, described to science only in 1998, is extremely poorly known in the wild.  During the quest, Micah introduces us to a remarkable variety of other wildlife, from stingrays and electric eels to several seldom-seen birds of the Amazonian forest understory.

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