New episode - Sagebrush Sparrows from Arizona


We published this new episode of OutBirding with Field Guides on 5 July 2021. Check out this trailer for a short preview of the show.

In 2013, the bird long known as "Sage Sparrow" was split into two species, Bell's Sparrow and Sagebrush Sparrow. In this episode, Micah Riegner visits breeding Sagebrush Sparrows near Fredonia, Arizona and discusses the identification and natural history of these intriguing songbirds.

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New episode - Eared Quetzals in Mexico

birding in the field mexico Nov 25, 2020

This trailer gives you a short overview of the full 20-minute episode.

Among Mexico’s most emblematic — yet also enigmatic — species of birds is the Eared Quetzal. OutBirding team Micah Riegner and Bret Whitney aimed to change that by launching a trip into the Sierra Madre Occidental of Chihuahua to document, for the first time on film or video, many of the basic life-history attributes of Eared Quetzals. The imagery they brought back from those high-elevation, mixed-conifer forests is nothing short of spectacular, and marks a significant leap forward in our knowledge of this highly distinctive, beautiful bird.

This episode is dedicated to our beloved friend Ned Brinkley who passed away on November 22nd, 2020 while birding in Ecuador. Words cannot express our sense of loss for someone who was an integral part of Field Guides. We mourn for Ned, for his family and loved ones, and for the gaping hole this leaves in the fabric of the birding community into...

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New episode - Prairie Potholes of North Dakota


This short trailer gives you a taste of the full 23-minute episode.

The wetlands and grasslands of the glacier-scarred northern Great Plains are home to a staggering abundance of wildlife in spring and summer. Doug Gochfeld and Tom Johnson visit North Dakota in late spring to spend time with the striking birdlife of this Prairie Potholes region, from Wilson's Phalaropes to Yellow-headed Blackbirds to LeConte's Sparrows. In addition, they explore the impacts humans have had on this changing landscape.

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