New episode - Dan Lane paints a Peppershrike


This trailer offers a first look at our new episode.

This week, OutBirding takes you "wet-on-wet" with renowned bird artist and Field Guides tour guide Dan Lane.  From an amorphous background right through to his masterpiece, Dan shares with us his techniques for drawing birds and putting pigment to paper in his transparent watercolor and gouache painting of a Rufous-browed Peppershrike, which is featured in the current (2021) Field Guides calendar. It’s a fascinating process that Dan makes accessible to all.

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New episode - Rattlesnakes of Central Arizona (+ Clever Cardinal Bonus)


Check out the trailer for a peek at our new episode and accompanying bonus piece.

In this episode, we switch passions slightly and focus on herping! Micah Riegner and friends set out to track down an impressive diversity of rattlesnakes (and other reptiles) in the varied habitats of central Arizona. In addition to seeing these beautiful and exciting animals up-close, we learn a lot about their biology and natural history along the way. Watch out - some remarkable camouflage awaits you! 

But wait, there's more!

Dan Lane has been birding up a storm this year around his home in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Even though he's seen an amazing array of rare species, he still takes time to closely observe the common residents of his backyard. In this week's bonus piece, Dan shares an ingenious feeding strategy of one particular Northern Cardinal.

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