New episode - Curve-billed Thrasher Call Types with Richard Webster


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Curve-billed Thrasher Call Types with Richard Webster

Get ready for a deep dive into some field ornithology for birders! Chris Benesh sits down with Richard Webster in Portal, Arizona to discuss the biogeography of Curve-billed Thrashers in the United States desert southwest. Richard has spent many hours audio recording thrashers where the eastern and western subspecies groups meet, and he shares some of the things he’s discovered with this concerted birding effort.

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New episode - White Ibis begin nesting in New Jersey


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The summer of 2020 marked an exciting moment in the northward expansion of White Ibis along the Atlantic Coast of the United States. This year, these pioneering wading birds nested in New Jersey for the first time ever, at the Ocean City Welcome Center near Cape May. Tom Johnson and Doug Gochfeld were on the scene to document the progress of this months-long nesting event, and conservationist Kashi Davis helped to provide context about the changing marsh island ecosystem of the Jersey Shore.

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